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Cerveteri - Bracciano

For groups up to 3 people 6 Hours tour € 215 Extra hour € 40
For groups from 4 to 6 people 6 Hours tour € 250 Extra hour € 45
For groups from 7 to 8 people 6 Hours tour € 285 Extra hour € 50
The tour will start at around 10.00am, for the trip will take only 30/45 minutes. Our first stage will be the ancient Cerveteri archeological site. You'll be dropped off at the entrance and the driver will wait for you outside. Once you finish visiting the site you'll be driven to the city of Bracciano. You'll have lunch there (or if you prefer in Cerveteri - the driver will suggest you a good restaurant) and then you'll be driven to the Castle of Bracciano. You'll be dropped off before the entrance and as usual will wait for you. The exchange of your mobile phone numbers will be very useful. The return to Rome will be about 1 hour after the departure from Bracciano.


Cerveteri - Bracciano - Cerveteri


Cerveteri - Bracciano - Bracciano
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